Reverse the effects of missing teeth with implants Sheffield

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Missing teeth can be embarrassing and they can have a huge impact on your life. Every morning when you wake up to brush your teeth, you look in the mirror and you may be upset with what you see, you may lose your self-confidence and your self-esteem. When you smile in front of other people, you may be conscious of what they are thinking. It’s true, your appearance will be very different in comparison to when you had a full set of teeth. Missing teeth can make you look older than you are and you are likely to smile less which can affect your personality. It can also affect your mental health and well-being.

Missing teeth also cause more dental health complications. They can cause discomfort in your mouth, affect the alignment of your remaining teeth which will be pushing each other to fill the gap left by your missing tooth, they can weaken your remaining teeth and they can also affect your ability to bite and chew. If you are missing front teeth then this can also affect the way that you talk.

It is important that you speak to your dentist and find out about replacing missing teeth as soon as possible to avoid all these issues. If you want to maintain your confidence and your self-esteem, promote good dental health and enjoy good mental health and well-being then speak to your dentist urgently. There are different ways of replacing missing teeth depending on your individual requirements as well as the type of tooth replacement that you prefer.

Very elderly patients may wish to replace their missing teeth with a set of dentures. These can be taken out and replaced at your convenience and the process itself is very simple. You can have a set of dentures within a few weeks. These can be replaced as the shape of your mouth and jaw changes.

Implants Sheffield

If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth early on in life then you need to speak to a dentist and find out about implants Sheffield. Implants Sheffield are a permanent method of replacing your missing teeth and have been designed to last the whole of your life if you look after your teeth properly. Implants Sheffield are medical grade titanium screws which become a permanent root for whichever type of prosthetic you choose to replace your tooth or teeth. For patients with one missing tooth you will have a crown fitted onto your implant, whereas patients with multiple missing teeth will have a set of dentures fitted onto your implants Sheffield.

Dental implants Sheffield become fitted into your jaw forever whereas the prosthetic can be changed as required. This is an excellent way of replacing your missing teeth and most dentists refer to implants as the gold standard of tooth replacement. You need to speak to your dentist urgently and find out if implants are suitable for you and, if so, you need to begin the process as soon as possible as it can take up to 6 months to replace your missing teeth. Speak to your dentist today to find out more.


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