Advantages of replacing teeth with dental implants Navan

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As an adult, the idea of losing a tooth can be very scary. Whether you have a wobbly tooth or you know you need to undergo a tooth extraction, you may have hundreds of thoughts running through your head and rightfully so. Unfortunately a missing tooth has huge implications and can affect all aspects of your life. Depending on the position of the missing tooth it can hugely affect the appearance of your smile and your face in general. It can influence first impressions of you and it can influence the way others perceive you. You may find that when you are speaking to someone their eyes are drawn to the gap in your teeth.

This can affect your confidence and it can affect your self-esteem. It can prevent you from smiling as much as you would like to and you may find that you are often hiding your mouth behind your hands. This can have an effect on your mental health and your well-being. Some patients report that they develop social anxiety and avoid going out in public because of their missing tooth. A missing tooth can affect your social life and it can affect your professional life as well. It can make you look older than you are and it can change your facial structure.

Crooked, wonky teeth from tooth loss

At the same time a missing tooth can have a negative impact on your remaining teeth. The rest of your teeth will move to try and shift the space left by the missing tooth. The tooth above it may start to drop or if the missing tooth is in the upper jaw then the tooth below it may also start to move as there is no resistance to hold the tooth in place. It is important that you speak to your dentist as soon as possible about how you will replace your missing tooth.

If this is planned beforehand then you will be able to replace your missing teeth more quickly than if you wait until you have lost the tooth or you have undergone the tooth extraction to plan how you want to proceed.

Dental implants Navan

Dental implants Navan are an excellent method of tooth replacement that restore the appearance of your smile but also helps prevent the dental health complications that are caused by a missing tooth. After you lose a tooth the bone around it begins to decay as there is no tooth to stimulate it any longer. Bone decay can affect your jaw health and by weakening your jaw it can result in more missing teeth. The site of the missing tooth is often wet and warm which means bacteria will thrive in this area and result in gum disease. Gum disease can also result in further missing teeth therefore by replacing the two with dental implants Navan you can also prevent gum disease and the many complications that it has not only for your dental health but your overall well-being.

By inserting the implant and putting a temporary crown in place dental implants Navan can help prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, again restoring the appearance of your smile and preventing further complications later on. Tooth loss also affects the way you speak, the way you bite and chew and you may find that things that you take for granted for example speaking and eating become difficult. You may not be able to pronounce some of your letters as you did before and this can cause embarrassment and discomfort. You may also find that you are not able to eat your favourite foods anymore, and the food that you do eat you may not be able to chew properly, which can lead to issues with your digestion.

By replacing your teeth with a dental implant you will be able to restore the function of your mouth. Dental implants are almost as good as your real teeth although nothing will ever be the same. They are the gold standard in tooth replacement. Unlike other types of tooth replacement, once you have dental implants you can eat as you did before losing a tooth. You can enjoy all your favourite foods and not have to worry about damaging your implants. You will also be able to bite into your food as you did before promoting good digestion and better nutritional intake than with missing teeth. Speak to your dentist today and find out more about dental implants, the many advantages they have and how they can prevent dental complications in the future. 

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